Metal turning

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Turning work in the river from the company MashAgroServis

LLC Mashagroservis performs turning works on metal on high-tech equipment. It is possible to order production from us, both typical products, and details on individual projects. We perform work of any complexity and offer favorable terms of cooperation.

Metal turning is the machining of various parts with a special cutter. Turning equipment allows you to perform various works, including threading, as well as drilling, boring, reaming and reaming holes.

Our company also performs custom turning operations, which consist of machining grooves on the product surface, cutting off any part of the workpiece, etc. To determine and check the shape, dimensions and relative positions of parts surfaces, Mashagroservice specialists use various tools, including: micrometer, caliper, caliper, etc. The cost of turning works depends on their complexity and complexity. Check the price of the service in Ukraine by phone, which is listed on the company's website.

Metal turning - features of work

Turning metal to order - the privilege of our company. We use high-quality turning equipment with software. We use traditional lathes, universal assemblies, automated machines. We also use turning-and-boring lathes that allow you to perform boring, cutting, drilling products. With the help of high-tech machines can sinking, drilling. The software allows turning metals with maximum accuracy.

How is turning done?

In order for metal turning to be performed at the proper level, our company uses high-tech turning equipment with software. We work on traditional lathes, as well as automated and versatile units. In addition, at our disposal there are turning and boring machines designed for boring, trimming and drilling parts. Thanks to the software, all work is done with maximum accuracy and high speed.

If you are interested in such a service as turning on a lathe, contact our qualified managers. All necessary contact information for this is located in the corresponding section of the site. The company's specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and help you place an order. We work in the Dnieper and other cities of the country. It is worth turning metals absolutely inexpensive. Call, consult and order.

Turning work in Dnepropetrovsk: features of the process

In order to make the turning of metal to order as efficient as possible, many different parameters must be considered. The main ones are the depth and cutting speed, as well as the value of the longitudinal feed. Processing of metal parts will be of high quality only under the following conditions:

  • the fixed part rotates with sufficient speed;
  • the tool is stable and has a sufficient effect on the part;
  • for the passage of the tool is removed the maximum amount of metal;

All machine components are highly resistant and workable.

Our company provides turning services with a guarantee of quality. We perform all the necessary manipulations with high speed and accuracy. This is due to the use of modern equipment with software. It is also worth noting that virtually no industry today can do without turning.

Therefore, despite a fairly high level, this method continues to evolve and improve. With its help, it is possible to achieve unsurpassed quality and speed of processing. At the same time, in our company for turning works, the price remains more than affordable.

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