Metal turning

By contacting MashAgroService LLC, the client can order work of any complexity. We have the most equipped base and modern equipment, and the order is carried out by professional workers with maximum responsibility and knowledge of their field. We guarantee quality of work with an accuracy of microns and performance strictly on time.

Why do we order turning works from us?

Today, metal turning works are in demand in various industries and industrial production. Our specialists always adhere to the specified deadlines and are responsible for quality, but the competitive advantages do not end there:

  • Employees have many years of experience in the industry.
  • Only highly qualified turners with the highest level are involved in production.
  • We work without intermediaries and have our own production base.
  • A wide range of services is offered to the client.
  • We work honestly and transparently with the conclusion of an agreement in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

We can offer turning work to order in the city of Dnipro or with delivery in Ukraine.

Turning work Dnipro: what can we offer

In "MashAgroService" all work on metal machining is carried out only on modern equipment. The employee has at his disposal dies, cutters, cutters, drills and everything necessary for the successful execution of even the most complex orders.

Thanks to the movement of the cutting machine tool in all necessary directions, it is possible to undercut parts with the most complex geometry. The cost of turning works is calculated individually and largely depends on their type and complexity. The following metal services can be continued for the client:

  • CNC plasma cutting work;
  • mechanical and heat treatment;
  • work according to customer drawings;
  • gas cutting;
  • turning and grinding;
  • CNC turning and CNC milling.

We will easily fulfill the order for the manufacture of complex parts. A complete list of our products can be found in the corresponding section. For turning work, the price can be specified by a consultant using one of the numbers indicated on the website. In addition, by contacting our qualified employee, you can ask questions regarding the work and specify details.

How to order turning work?

It should be noted that for metal turning works, prices completely depend on the following criteria: the complexity and type of work, as well as the volume of the order. In this regard, the calculation is carried out individually, based on the provided sketches, samples or drawings. A qualified employee carries out calculations, after which the terms of the order are formed.

You can order services for turning by calling one of the numbers indicated on the site, using the order form or arriving directly at the office at the specified address. You can clarify the work schedule and other questions of interest with a qualified specialist by calling us right now.

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Manufacturing enterprise LLC Mashagroservice was founded in 1998. The main activity was the manufacture and sale of parts and components for agricultural and automotive vehicles.

Today, Mashagroservis Ltd. is a successful enterprise whose activity covers the whole sphere of mechanical engineering and is an independent, flexible, universal production with a complete production cycle of parts.

Work time:

MN-FR: 8:00 - 16:30

Our address:

Ukraine, Dnipro, Udarnikov St., 25B

How to order


  1. Do you have drawings or sketches of details
  2. You send them by mail
  3. Specify your contact details, the required number of products and the desired production time.
  4. About the possibility of manufacturing parts according to drawings and their cost. We answer you in writing or orally.