Metal machining


Metal machining: popular methods

Modern steel processing, which can be ordered from our company, MashAgroService, is a technological, almost always fully automatic process. Human involvement in the processing of blanks, materials, blanks - is minimal. Our company performs work regardless of the weight, dimensions of the workpieces, the party, the ordered goods. The type of metal and the required accuracy of the work performed are not important either.

We always cope with our responsibilities perfectly well with one hundred percent accuracy in carrying out the order according to the given parameters. This may be state standards or an individual order from a private client. We have metal machining carried out on specialized machines, just like milling, grinding, other types of processing of stainless steel, brass and so on.

The LLC Mashagroservice company provides services of machining of metals in Ukraine. Despite the fact that many companies work in this area, working with us will be the most profitable for you. We offer our customers a lot of advantages, among which is the execution of processing on modern high-tech equipment, high accuracy and affordable cost.

The application of a particular processing method depends on the original material properties. This factor must be considered in order to obtain the highest quality products. So, for example, machining of steel and cast iron is fundamentally different from working with silver and gold. The latter are best amenable to forging and cutting, melting and pouring. As for the rather brittle cast iron, it is only the reflux method that is suitable for its processing.

If you require machining, services of this type can be ordered from Mashagroservice. To do this, just call one of the contact phone numbers that you see on the site. The managers of the company will be happy to answer all your questions and help you place an order in Dnepropetrovsk.

Machining of parts: basic technological operations

Today, the machining of metal products consists of various technological operations, including:

  • milling;
  • forging;
  • grinding;
  • drilling;
  • running in;
  • rolling;
  • stamping, etc.

To achieve the desired effect and remove any fragment from the metal, it is common to use a special gear wheel during milling. This technology allows you to make a part in the right size, to save the source material and cash.

Drilling, as one of the machining processes, allows to obtain holes of the required diameter and depth. For this purpose, various machines can be used, including special columns. For grinding, special equipment is also used, with the help of which it is possible to remove burrs and roughness from the metal surface. Running-in is considered to be no less significant. Thanks to the run-in, the finished products have a given density and size. If you are interested in such a service as metal machining, the price call us. Our contacts are located in the corresponding section of the site.

We also provide the following services:

  • Turning
  • Grinding treatment
  • Coordinate and boring processing

Metal machining: where to order?

Machining technologies are continuously improving. Every day there is a mass of progressive and rational solutions to simplify work. Due to this, the processing becomes less time consuming and time consuming. However, at the same time, its accuracy increases and cost decreases. Our company provides machining services. We carry out all the necessary processes to bring the parts to the ideal. To order the service, please contact us by phone. We are confident that the metal machining from our company will delight you with its price and quality.

Milling of metal blanks

High-tech metal milling is usually carried out on special milling machines. By and large, the cutter is a high-strength cutting tool, represented as a gear wheel. The durable element with its many blades handles any material, removing metal layers from the surfaces of the blank. Of course, the workpiece is clamped in the machine, remaining stationary and throughout the entire process.

Modern devices allow you to program the process, facilitating the work of millers repeatedly. Around the same pattern is carried out and grinding metal - a procedure that can also be ordered in our company in Dnepropetrovsk and at a competitive price.

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