Coordinate boring work on metal

Coordinate-boring processing in the river from the company Mashagroservis

One of the main stages of metal processing are coordinate-boring work. Their essence lies in the processing of the ends in the grooves, as well as getting holes of a certain shape. For this purpose, special boring equipment is used.

The LLC Mashagroservice company performs coordinate and boring works of all types on various parts - from pullers and ending with punch holders. For such a service as coordinate boring processing, the price is based on the complexity of the work. The boring is performed at high speeds and is distinguished by the accuracy of the production of products. As a result, parts are obtained that are fully consistent with the parameters of the customer.

For more information, call us. All the necessary contact information can be found in the corresponding section of the site. Machining on coordinate boring machines does not take much time and is very profitable.

Coordinate-boring processing - features

Obligatory grinding processing of metal is carried out, as a rule, on a finishing line. This is necessary in order to bring the workpiece to the ideal, remove burrs, roughness. The process is carried out using special emery wheels, made on the basis of abrasive material.

Also in our production is used and coordinate-boring processing - a technique involving the processing of the ends in the grooves, obtaining holes of a certain shape. This method is suitable as milling at different angles. We use equipment that is intended for drilling holes, milling planes. Works are carried out on specialized machines at low speed. This allows us to achieve high precision manufacturing of products in perfect quality.

In our production, before performing boring work, special marking procedures are used. It is necessary that the process be as accurate as possible and with the minimum amount of defects. Machines designed for processing are equipped with unique electronic, mechanical, inductive and optical counting mechanisms. This guarantees flawless measurements and extremely accurate movement of moving parts. Coordinates machine automation or operator, perfectly owns the management of machines designed for processing metal blanks and sheets.

How to order coordinate boring work?

You can order coordinate boring work in the Dnieper online or by phone. Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions. The processing process consists in drilling a hole on the part and its extension on the boring tools. The result is the highest quality part with the necessary parameters for the client.

Our company provides machining services on coordinate boring machines in Ukraine on favorable terms. Specialists of the company Mashagroservice always strictly follow the technical specifications, perform the work efficiently and on time. Due to this, every detail is a high-quality product, made with maximum accuracy and without rejection. The cost of coordinate boring works with metal is discussed individually. All necessary manipulations are performed by experienced specialists and operators of the company.

If you have any questions, you can ask them to our qualified managers. To do this, call the contact phone number or use the feedback function. We will promptly contact you to discuss the details of the order.

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Today, Mashagroservis Ltd. is a successful enterprise whose activity covers the whole sphere of mechanical engineering and is an independent, flexible, universal production with a complete production cycle of parts.

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