Carburizing and hardening of steel

LLC Mashagroservice offers services for the thermal processing of metals and alloys. Our company has the equipment, qualified personnel and many years of experience in the thermal treatment of metals.

Hardening HDTV, metal hardening and other types of processing in “Mashagroservis”

The plot of heat treatment includes:

  • furnace muffle chamberSNOL 30 / 12,5:
  • power 12 kW
  • maximum temperature 1250 ° С
  • Chamber furnace CHO-4.8.3 / 12.5 dimensions of the working area 400 x 800 x 400 mm
  • shaft furnace SShO10.15 / 11: dimensions of the working area1000x1500
  • power 90kW
  • maximum temperature 1100 ° С
  • TVCh LZ-107V installation (upgraded)
  • 60kW rated oscillating power
  • working frequency 50kHz

The following types of heat treatment are carried out on our equipment:

  • bulkhead
  • HDTV standby
  • cementation
  • vacation

Hardness control is carried out by stationary dynamic hardness tester TD42. Material for machined parts, tool and structural steels, cast iron. Processing temperature up to 1250 ° С. The qualifications of specialists and the technical level of technological equipment guarantee the quality of work performance.

Heat treatment of steel - a seamless product without seams

Production of hardened, high-strength metal parts, individual elements - the privilege of our company "MashAgroService". Typically, such parts, consumables are needed in construction, in production processes, under difficult operating conditions.

Today, the heat treatment process takes place using several techniques. Experts classify the methods of heat treatment of metals classified as:

  • burning,
  • normalization
  • tempering
  • vacation

Of course, this technique is based on the maximum heating of steel billets, which maximizes the strength characteristics of products used in various areas of life, in industry, in production. Details are processed in stages without the slightest violation of the process. Otherwise, to achieve the desired result - the high strength characteristics of steel products - simply will not succeed. Our company "MashAgroService" with accuracy follows the sequence of stages, works in compliance with state standards, which ensures the highest quality products at the finish line.

Heat treatment of metal sheets is mainly used. This, by and large, is metal annealing, which reduces the hardness of a high-strength material. This process facilitates the subsequent processing of the metal blank. Depending on what result should be obtained, several types of annealing are used at the output:

  • with heating to a temperature of 900 degrees
  • with warming up to 750 degrees
  • with heating the workpiece to 500 or 600 degrees.

Therefore, the methods are classified as annealing: complete, incomplete, low-temperature.

Steel hardening technique

Our company is hardening steel - the process of hardening the finished material, which may have already been formed into finished products. This is heating the metal plate to the highest possible temperature. Further processing is carried out with rapid cooling. As a result, the material structure acquires non-equilibrium characteristics. This is increased strength, hardness of the metal, but also gives the material excessive brittleness.

To avoid side effects, remove unnecessary characteristics of the material - the final heat treatment is carried out, which takes place immediately after the metal is quenched. The metal billet is again heated, but the temperatures are lower than during the product hardening process.

Next, almost finished parts stand and cool carefully. The process of normalization allows you to make the metal structure more resistant to mechanical damage, that is, such a side effect as fragility is completely eliminated. Also, the bulk hardening of steel, which strengthens not only the teeth (the outer part of the parts), but also the core of the product.

The customer needs to know that hardening TV in Dnepropetrovsk, the price of which is available today is a quick process. Therefore, customer orders are made as soon as possible and not at the expense of quality.

Modern metal cementation - the process of chemical-thermal processing of the material. Steel is heated in a liquid, gaseous, rarely in a solid medium. Further, a special chemical composition that saturates the material with carbon is used. Specifically, its upper, surface layer. Processed objects become more durable, wear-resistant. Finished parts acquire high strength characteristics.

Therefore, materials made in this way, long-term in service, are not susceptible to difficult conditions of use.

Cementation in the river from the company MashAgroServis

To date, there are many ways to improve wear resistance and maintain the performance of steel. One of those is the cementation of metals. The use of this chemical-heat treatment allows you to endow the material with increased resistance to corrosion and hardness, and at the same time keep the core elastic.

Such processing is subjected to steel, which have a low concentration of carbon. They undergo the process of heating at temperatures above 900 ° C in a liquid, gaseous, less often in a solid medium. The environment in which heat treatment takes place must contain a large amount of carbon and saturate the upper layer of the material. It is possible to order metal cementation in Ukraine in the LLC Mashagroservice company. We own our own high-tech equipment and guarantee affordable prices.

Steel grouting: modern methods

Our company offers steel cementation services. The use of this technology allows to make parts more durable and resistant to difficult conditions of use. As already mentioned, the cementation of steel can be liquid, solid and gas. Hard cementation is carried out using a special powder or carburizer.

This method is considered the most time-consuming, therefore it is used quite rarely today. He was replaced by more progressive and modern methods of metal processing. If you are interested in the timing and cost of steel cementation, call us. We will answer all your questions and help you place an order.

Metal Grouting: Basic Techniques

For a service such as metal cementation, the price is more than affordable. This is due to the high speed and ease of processing. To date, the implementation of the cementation of metals is not required to withstand the temperature. Thanks to modern technologies, our specialists can quickly and easily calculate the correct concentration of carbon in the environment.

We use high-tech equipment that allows us to bring the process to automatism. It is very beneficial and convenient in the manufacture of large quantities of metal products. We work in the Dnieper and other cities of the country. For all customers, there is a contact line where the managers of the company will be happy to answer all your questions.

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