Gas cutting

газовая резка     газовая резка металла


Gas cutting metal - what is it?

Our company provides thermal cutting of metals in Ukraine. Depending on the thickness of the metal and customer requirements, we perform plasma or gas cutting. If you do not know what gas cutting is, the information that follows will be very useful for you. The method of gas cutting consists in intensive oxidation of metals under the influence of a jet of oxygen and removal of oxides.

Acetylene, propane, butane, and others can also be used as beach-forming gases. Each of them has a different temperature. Acetylene has the highest rates (approximately 3200). Gas temperature directly affects cutting speed, cut thickness and efficiency.

Our company offers you to order a gas cutting service at an affordable cost. We guarantee high speed and quality of work performed. Using this method, it is possible to avoid all sorts of burrs, dross, etc. Our specialists perform holes of any geometry without any special time and power costs. Cutting of steel is performed without rejecting and allows to achieve a perfectly smooth edge of the material. This method is high-tech, inexpensive and profitable. More detailed information can be obtained by phone. Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions and help to order gas cutting.

To date, the technology of gas cutting is the most popular method of cutting metals. This is due to the many advantages that the method has. The main ones are:

  • gas equipment mobility;
  • reasonable price for the service;
  • high cutting speed;
  • accuracy and lack of marriage;
  • no need for additional machining;
  • the ability to cut the metal at an angle;
  • the ability to cut the metal of great thickness.

For such a service as gas cutting, the price is very democratic. You can order cutting in the Dnieper or clarify its cost by calling the company’s website.

Gas cutting of metals: where to order?

If you are interested in the cost of gas cutting of metal, call us. Our qualified managers will be happy to answer all your questions. Company contacts are located in the corresponding section of the site. We can also call you back if you use the feedback function. The LLC Mashagroservice company performs gas cutting services of metal at the highest level. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with our service and prices.

Gas cutting metal: classification

This technique is quite common and in demand. The method is divided into several types of cutting:

  • separation,
  • superficial,
  • spear.

The first option involves a through cut, which, in the literal sense of the word, divides the high-strength metal sheet into several separate components. The second option is to remove unnecessary metal words, the formation of splines, grooves, and other structural elements necessary for the manufacture of unique parts. Cutting with a spear, by and large, is the burning of metal. This technique is used for cutting through holes.

As well as plasma cutting of metal, the gas technique has an affordable price, but when using the services of our company. We offer high-quality gas cutting as a high-class technique. When using this type of treatment there are no burrs, dross. It is possible to make a hole of any geometry. And, quickly, simply and without much effort. There is no scrap, there is no thermal deformation, and therefore the edge of the material is always smooth, brought to the ideal. The method of processing metal blanks is practical, inexpensive, always profitable.

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