Production of parts to order

изготовление деталей по чертежам    изготовление деталей на заказ


Production of parts to order and the development of design documentation

Probably, the fact that metal spare parts, parts, single elements are used almost everywhere today will not be for anyone. They can be found in the automotive industry, machine tool industry, in the manufacture of military equipment, in the process of assembling household units. No exception and the construction sector, for example, the construction of fast buildings: residential and non-residential.

In a word, constructions and spare parts made of metal in Dnipropetrovsk from “MashAgroService” - our company - may be required in almost any industrial or household sphere. It is important to understand that our customers are large industrial holdings, and factories, and factories, as well as small private firms that assemble machines and units, which are then used for various industrial sectors.

Also, farm owners and agricultural land plots turn to us. Owners engaged in tillage, operate special units and mechanisms that wear out over time, fail. Buying new technical units is expensive. It is easier to order the manufacture of parts under the order and repair the machine, a complex mechanism. Unfortunately, some models of agricultural machinery, automatic or mechanical devices are no longer produced and it is very difficult, sometimes impossible, to purchase parts for them. But individual manufacturing of spare parts is a simple way out of a difficult situation.

Production of parts according to the drawings: features

Technological manufacturing of metal parts in our company is carried out using various techniques and techniques. We use only high-quality imported equipment, we produce parts from brass, stainless steel according to customer drawings. We cut out sheet blanks, which can be of different brands. Pressing non-standard hardware is also being carried out, for example, it could be:

  • hairpin
  • nut,
  • bolt and so on.

We use bending techniques for the production of seamless products. This method has a low price and can be used as a budget method of producing beams, for example, used in the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures.

Our company, MashAgroService, employs the best technologists, craftsmen, and designers who work closely with the client, professionally advising customers, counting all the necessary parameters for the production of spare parts and parts. Experts develop unique drawings, according to which the creation of metal parts and spare parts will be carried out.

We manufacture parts from metal according to standard standards, that is, GOST, as well as according to individual parameters, provided by the customer. We work accurately, just in time. We produce parts exceptionally high quality. We can order: parts and spare parts, structural elements created on the basis of metal.

CNC metal cutting
Heat treatment of metals
Metal machining
Manufacturing of parts according to drawings
Gas cutting metal
Coordinate and boring processing
Grinding metal
Metal turning
CNC Turning
CNC milling



Manufacturing enterprise LLC Mashagroservice was founded in 1998. The main activity was the manufacture and sale of parts and components for agricultural and automotive vehicles.

Today, Mashagroservis Ltd. is a successful enterprise whose activity covers the whole sphere of mechanical engineering and is an independent, flexible, universal production with a complete production cycle of parts.

Work time:

MN-FR: 8:00 - 16:30

Our address:

Ukraine, Dnipro, Udarnikov St., 25B

How to order


  1. Do you have drawings or sketches of details
  2. You send them by mail
  3. Specify your contact details, the required number of products and the desired production time.
  4. About the possibility of manufacturing parts according to drawings and their cost. We answer you in writing or orally.