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CNC turning in Dnieper from Mashagroservis

The company LLC Mashagroservice performs various works on metal processing. One of the most popular and popular among customers is turning. Its use allows you to significantly save the source material, but at the same time to produce a variety of parts for various spheres of life. By turning, all kinds of nuts, bushings, couplings, shafts and other products are produced. Today, no industry can do without them. These parts occupy a special niche in mechanical engineering.

We suggest you order CNC turning in Ukraine on favorable terms. The use of modern high-tech equipment can significantly reduce the turnaround time and improve the quality of finished parts.

Thanks to the software, all manipulations are carried out with maximum accuracy. For such a service as CNC turning, the price is very affordable. It depends on the complexity of the work and is negotiated individually.

Turning on CNC machines: basic technological operations

Our company provides metal turning services on CNC machines. This processing method is suitable for the following processes:

  • milling conic and cylindrical products;
  • cutting blanks and grooves of various configurations;
  • cutting internal and external threads of any size;
  • reaming holes;
  • treatment of metal ends or ledges;
  • creating corrugated surfaces on metal parts;
  • turning the inner surface;
  • manufacturing stepped shafts.

Despite the fact that the price of CNC turning is more than affordable, their implementation requires first-class equipment. Only under this condition can you achieve high quality work and maximum accuracy of finished parts. Our company owns its own state-of-the-art equipment, so all production processes are automated. Due to this, we managed to increase the speed of processing and minimize the number of defects.

CNC turning operations and their advantages

Deciding to order turning works on CNC in the Dnieper, you get a lot of undeniable advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • the ability to make parts of complex geometry;
  • high accuracy of finished products;
  • unsurpassed quality of parts and no need for further processing;
  • profitability and minimum volumes of waste;
  • possibility to recycle metal shavings.

To order turning works on CNC machines, please contact our qualified managers. All necessary contact information for this is located in the corresponding section of the site. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you place an order. Our company guarantees high speed and accuracy of turning operations.

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How to order


  1. Do you have drawings or sketches of details
  2. You send them by mail
  3. Specify your contact details, the required number of products and the desired production time.
  4. About the possibility of manufacturing parts according to drawings and their cost. We answer you in writing or orally.